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BlogStorm is a tool that helps you to write SEO friendly articles. It has a lot of features that will help you to write articles faster and better.



We’re deeply proud of our creation because blogstorm.ai is not just about revolutionizing SEO; it’s about empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their dreams.

We started blogstorm.ai with a simple goal: to take the frustration out of SEO for everyone. As experienced SEO marketers, we know how tough it can be to spend countless hours on campaigns only to see lackluster results. With the rise of accessible AI, we embraced the opportunity to make SEO faster and more effective, which led to developing a unique, affordable, and user-friendly system that improves rankings while retaining a human touch.

Our Mission

SEO success shouldn’t mean sacrificing job happiness or family time.

Our mission is to empower everyone with innovative, affordable, and user-friendly solutions, helping them be their client’s SEO hero, reclaim job satisfaction, and achieve a healthy work-life balance.
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Our Team

The Storm Behind BlogStorm.ai

The Creators and Thinkers: At BlogStorm.ai, we are proud to bring together a team of passionate innovators, creators, and doers who believe in disrupting the content creation space with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled user experience. Meet the masterminds who make it all happen:

Rabih Rizk


Rabih is the visionary force behind BlogStorm.ai, bringing a wealth of SEO knowledge from his successful previous venture, RIZKAD, one of Chicago’s top SEO agencies. His forward thinking and entrepreneurial spirit have established our platform's niche in the competitive content market, leveling the playing field once dominated by larger corporations. Under his leadership, BlogStorm.ai is driven by a mission to democratize content creation with AI-powered precision and ease. In his free time, Rabih likes to create good memories with his family, soccer enthusiast (Hala Madrid!), styling and shaping bonsai collection.

Peter Sedrak


Pete, our strategist and Chief Operation Maestro, brings a wealth of experience and insight to BlogStorm.ai. His dedication to technical innovation and customer experience shapes the evolution of our platform, meeting the needs of content creators worldwide. Pete’s engaging personality and commitment to excelence instil confidence in clients, knowing they are in capable, knowledgeable SEO hands. Beyond work, Pete enjoys spending time with family and friends, drawing portraits, indulging in all things nerdy, and mentoring colege students. He holds an MBA in Technology Management and teaches a graduate-level CAPSTONE class on Professional Development for International Students

Bishwas Bhandari

Full Stack Developer

The star programmer, Bishwas is a true asset to Blogstorm.ai. Our goal at Blogstorm is to pave the way for Bishwas to achieve the American dream and lead our future development teams—because his talent demands it. As the technical dynamo of our team, Bishwas stitches together code and creativity with precision. His work ensures that BlogStorm.ai remains robust, reliable, and at the forefront of modern web technology and best practices. Outside of work, Bishwas enjoys charity events, travel, nature, and spending time with family and friends.

Vikramaditya Gupta


Vikramaditya, our Business Analyst, is key to Blogstorm.ai's growth. He bridges the gap between technical teams and business goals, ensuring projects align with strategic objectives. Vikram enhances operational efficiency by identifying improvement opportunities and promoting data-driven decisions. At Blogstorm.ai, he thrives in a collaborative environment that offers professional development. His analytical skills drive our success and keep us innovative. Outside of work, Vikram enjoys exploring new technologies and playing strategic games.

Maxwin Wadia


Maxwin Wadia, our Data Analyst Professional, blends technical skill with a passion for innovation. Proficient in Python and SQL, he turns complex data into actionable insights. Maxwin excels in predictive modeling, optimizing data workflows, and using big data tools like Apache Hadoop and Spark. His dedication ensures our clients can confidently address data challenges. Known for his sharp analysis and clear communication, Maxwin is a trusted advisor, delivering efficient solutions for client success. Outside work, he enjoys hiking and exploring tech innovations. He also mentors aspiring professionals. With a Master’s in Information Technology from Valparaiso University and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Mumbai, Maxwin's academic background highlights his technical expertise and commitment to learning

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