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BlogStorm is a tool that helps you to write SEO friendly articles. It has a lot of features that will help you to write articles faster and better.

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AI Writing Tool For Crafting Winning SEO Campaigns With Lightning Speed.

 ☝️ 1-click Bulk “People Also Ask” blogs
🔍  Local SEO semantic topical map
⏳  Scale up SEO Impact, Scale Down your time spent!

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A Full-Featured Blogging Ecosystem to

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With just a few minutes ⏱️, you can create 🎨 unique, highly ranking customer converting content 📈 that will help you succeed 🚀 in your marketing business 💼🌐.

Unlimited PAA Searches

Our innovative solution scrapes the “People Also Ask” section of the SERP to find all the questions people have about a topic.

1-Click PAA Bulk blogs

Do you find yourself spending hours researching and creating content around “People Also Ask” (PAA) questions? Try our 1-Click PAA Bulk Blog Creator!

SEO Content Analysis

Struggling to optimize your content for search engines? Our SEO Content Analysis tool is here to make it a breeze! 

AI Outbound link generator

Elevate your content strategy effortlessly with our AI Outbound Link Generator – the secret weapon for effective link building! 

AI Internal link generator

Unlock the potential of seamless content navigation and boost user engagement with our AI Internal Link Generator! Maximize the impact of your content. 

AI Image (DALL-E 3)

Elevate your graphics and make your visuals stand out effortlessly using our cutting-edge AI Image tool. Upgrade your visuals effortlessly.

WordPress Integration

Take your website to the next level with our easy-to-use WordPress Integration service. 


Article Schema Generator*

Enhance the search engine visibility of your articles effortlessly using our advanced Article Schema Generator. 



Boost your local SEO strategy with our Silo technique. Level up your local SEO game. Try Silos for Local SEO now!

Semantic Topical map

Navigate the web of your content strategy effortlessly using our Semantic Topical Maps. Visualize your content landscape. 

Mastermind Community

Connect with like-minded individuals, and supercharge your personal and professional growth.

Blog to Podcast

COMING SOON! Take your content to new heights by converting your blog posts into captivating podcasts. 

STOP Wasting your time just getting minimal


Blogstorm.ai allows you to create value-added content that ranks using topical cluster methods in 1/10th of the time!

Over 150 Million PAA

200 Million Keywords

Bulk content creation

SEO optimized

People Also Ask


Need to create topic authority?

Then our 1 Click Bulk PAA (People Also Ask) Mode is for you! You can access Over 150 Million PAA Questions From 200 Million Keywords For SEO-Friendly, Relevant Content Generation.

Mass Local Pages Creation

Custom Content Control

Targeting Local Search Queries

SEO Content Analysis:

Local SEO


Need to ENHANCE YOUR silo structure?

Then the Local SEO Mode is where to go! Here you can produce Mass Local Pages In SILO Structure To Enhance The Local SEO Strategy, Authority, And Relevance For Geographical Searches.

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Price per month
$99.00 $199.00 $315.00
50 150 300 1000
Short Form Blogs Approx GPT 3.5 Turbo- 1 credit
50 150 300 1000
Long-form Blogs Approx. GPT 3.5 Turbo- 2 credit
25 75 150 500
Short Form Blogs Approx GPT 4 - 3 cr. *
16 50 100 333
Long-form Blogs Approx. GPT 4 - 5 cr. *
10 30 60 200
Local SEO Mode Pages - 2 cr. per page
25 75 150 500
PAA questions
Bulk Blog Generator
WordPress Autoposting
Seo Content Analysis Editor
AI Blog Images
Outbound links  
Inbound links  
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User Ratings

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    "Blogstorm takes written content, optimized enough for a user to make fine tweaks, but makes it branded, and does the internal linking for you. You dont need to spend an hour going in and finding what posts or pages to link back to. It finds already relevant ones for you and links them."

      Jordan Parker
      Jordan Parker


      BlogStorm has helped automated all of my semantic content and intent keywords for my clients. After the helpful content update, it has been extremely important that site owners start to incorporate an "answer engine". BlogStorm has been able to help me automate all of this for clients and post on their WordPress sites. It has been an absolute game changer.

        Brian Ford
        Brian Ford

        Building Futures

        I've been using Blogstorm and various AI content creation tools for several years, including Jasper, SurferSEO, Frase.io, and ChatGPT. Each tool has its strengths, but what I appreciate about Blogstorm is its ease of use and affordability. While it may not generate the most comprehensive content, it saves me valuable time, allowing me to focus on profit-generating aspects of my business. Despite its content not being the most exhaustive, it's still high-quality. Some of the content I've created using Blogstorm ranks well in the legal industry without the need for backlinks. I recommend giving it a fair evaluation.

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        Want to know more about BlogStorm before you purchase?​

        We have a free 3 day trial, and our cheapest starter plan is $59 per month and gradually increases based on need.

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        The Team

        The Storm Behind BlogStorm.ai

        The Creators and Thinkers: At BlogStorm.ai, we are proud to bring together a team of passionate innovators, creators, and doers who believe in disrupting the content creation space with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled user experience. Meet the masterminds who make it all happen:

        Rabih Rizk


        Rabih is the visionary force behind BlogStorm.ai. His forward-thinking and entrepreneurial spirit have carved out a niche for our platform in the competitive content market. Through his leadership, BlogStorm.ai has found its purpose: to democratize content creation with AI-powered precision and ease.

        Peter Sedrak


        Peter, our strategist and chief operation maestro, brings a wealth of experience and insight to BlogStorm.ai. His dedication to technical innovation and customer experience shapes the way our platform evolves and responds to the needs of content creators around the globe.

        Bishwas Bhandari

        Full Stack Developer

        The technical dynamo of our team, Bishwas is the one who stitches together code and creativity. His work ensures that BlogStorm.ai is not only robust and reliable but also at the forefront of modern web technology and best practices.

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